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Smart Phone Apps Assisting in Co-Parenting Relationships

Mobile Applications (or ‘Apps’) are in every part of our daily lives. We have ‘apps’ that tell us when to get up, when to drink water and when and how to exercise.  So, it is only predictable that there are now apps that assist parents in co-parenting arrangements.

Apps for use between parents are becoming more prevalent in parenting orders and in some instances, an app is preferred over the traditional communication book.

Apps such as ‘Our Family Wizard’, ‘Fayer’ (Pronounced ‘Fair’), ‘2Houses’, ‘Divitto’ are becoming prevalent in the world of co-parenting relationships.

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What are the benefits of using an App instead of the traditional communication book?

Information Available at all Times 

An app is easily installed on each parent’s phone and enables both parents to have access to information about the child or children regardless of whether the child or children are with that parent. For example, the application called ‘2Houses’ has a section where the height, shoe size and clothing size of each child is recorded and is accessible to both parents.  This means that if Dad or Mum want to buy his or her son or daughter an outfit, a uniform for school or shoes, he or she can do this without the child being there. The advantage here is that one parent is not holding the other parent to ransom with information, the information is available to both parents at their discretion.

Verification of Circumstances 

In high conflict co-parenting arrangements, accusations between parents can often be made and in the heat of the moment, mistakes about times and dates can be made.  Apps such as ‘Fayer’ (pronounced ‘Fair’) enables each parent to record their geographical location and record that information in PDF format so as to technically record their location at a specific time.  This can be useful for when disputes arise about one parent arriving late for collection or the delivery of children to or from the other parent’s home.

Assists in Reducing Conflict

One of the difficulties that many parents in high conflict co-parenting situations find is the written communication between the parents.  What one parent sees as inflammatory, the other party does not.  Applications such as ‘Divitto’ assist parents by allowing them to write a text and if the content of the text alerts the application to language that could be rephrased to avoid conflict, the app will suggest an alternate way to phrase the text.

The fact that parents can contribute to the app at any time, it allows the parent who is spending time with the child or children to enjoy that time rather than being distracted and having to hurriedly fill in a communication book while attempting to spend time with the children.

The benefits of using co-parenting apps are making this mode increasingly popular with Judges, lawyers and parents alike.  Using an application to communicate with the other parent is worth considering when dealing with parenting matters.

The concept of using Apps in co-parenting relationships is relatively new and untested in terms of using them for evidentiary purposes.  However, there is no doubt that using an app can greatly assist in communication between co-parents.

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