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Verification of Identity

From 9 November 2015, lawyers, conveyancers and mortgagees have been required to verify the identity of their client before any dealing can be lodged at the Land Titles Office for registration and before any duplicate Certificates of Title for a client is handed to that client.

The verification of identity requirement applies to, but not limited to:

  1. Transfers of Land.
  2. Withdrawal of Caveats.
  3. Discharges of Mortgage.
  4. Plans of Subdivision and Consolidation.
  5. Application by Surviving Proprietor.

The obligations to verify identity also extends to attorneys under Power of Attorneys and Directors for companies.

Verification of Identity (“VOI’) Documents

For a client to have their identity verified they will be required to produce the original identification documents specified in either option 1 or option 2 (refer below):

Identification Documents
OPTION 1 ¨ Australian Passport or foreign passport;

¨ plus Australian drivers licence or Photo Card,

¨ plus change of name or marriage certificate where names on identification are inconsistent.

(All original Identification Documents must be presented at the VOI interview)

OPTION 2 ¨ Australian Passport or foreign passport;

¨ plus full birth certificate or citizenship certificate of descent certificate;

¨ plus Medicare or Centrelink or Department of veteran Affairs card,

¨ plus change of name or marriage certificate where names on identification are inconsistent.

(All original Identification Documents must be presented at the VOI interview)

If a client does not have the document/s to comply with the requirements of option 1 or option 2, they should seek further advice immediately about the additional requirements that will need to be met.

VOI Interview

Client’s must attend a face to face, in person interview with their original identification documents. This can be done at their lawyers, conveyancers or mortgagees offices. It is at the discretion of the lawyer, conveyancer or mortgagee whether to charge a fee for this service.

A VOI interview can be conducted by Australia Post if the lawyer, conveyancer or mortgage has registered to use these services with Australia Post. A client must attend at any participating Australia Post branch with the Australia Post Land Title Identity Verification Form and their original identification documents. A photograph will be taken at the appointment as confirmation that the client was physically present at the interview. Upon the completion of the VOI interview, Australia Post will send the completed VOI to the client’s lawyer, conveyancers or mortgagee using a secure portal. The cost of the service provided by Australia Post is $39.00 inclusive of GST per person. All fees are payable to Australia Post at the time of your appointment.

Non-represented Parties

If any party to a paper conveyancing transaction is a non-represented party, that person must have their identity verified by an Approved Identity Verifier i.e. Australia Post. The Approved Identity Verified will need to take the required verification of identity form, their original identity documents and any documents associated with the transaction to their face to face interview with the Approved Identity Verified.

For further information on VOI requirements or to make an appointment to have your identity verified, please contact us on 5303 0281 or at

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