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Criminal Defence Law

Ballarat Lawyers Criminal Defence LawFacing criminal charges can be a daunting experience and the type of charges can have very serious consequences on all aspects of your life. Whether you are faced with large fines, convictions being recorded against your name or even a custodial sentence, you need to obtain knowledgeable and accurate legal advice as soon as practicable to achieve the best outcome.
Our team will assist you with a wide range of criminal cases including driving offences, breaches of Family Violence Orders, assaults, sexual offences, drug matters, thefts and frauds.

We understand how difficult and confronting it can be when faced with the prospect of standing before a Magistrate or Judge for the first time, with little or no understanding of the legal system. Even if this is not your first time before a Court, it can still be a difficult and emotional time, as matters may be viewed as more serious when repeated. It is in your interest to obtain legal advice on criminal charges as soon as practicable to ensure you achieve the best result.

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