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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Ballart Lawyers Civil Commercial Litigation

Disputes are a part of doing business. Ballarat Lawyers can assist with Civil and Commercial Litigation.

Civil and Commercial Litigation are defined by the fact that there are two parties, who are usually private legal persons, having a dispute about a set of facts or the application of the law to a particular set of facts, as they may be in an appeal case.

Examples of disputes that may arise are:

  1. contractual disputes;
  2. debt recovery and non-payment of invoices;
  3. consumer law disputes (such as the sale of unsatisfactory goods), and
  4. employment disputes.

Ballarat Lawyers understand that businesses need swift and accurate advice on all aspects of the dispute, including the outcome. Ballarat Lawyers will effectively deal with the dispute, whether that be taking the matter to court or mediating the dispute. We work with our clients to devise litigation strategies that are realistic, identify the prospect of success and focus on achieving the best commercial outcome. Our key to success, is creating candid communication with our clients from start to finish.

Ballarat Lawyers recognise that litigation is costly and risk-laden. We aim to be as commercial as possible in explaining the costs of pursuing or defending litigation from the outset of the matter.

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