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Property Law & Leasing

Ballart Lawyers Property Law Leasing

Property Law and Leasing matters are often complex and varied. Carly Burke has extensive experience in a range of property matters and can navigate through your matter efficiently, limit your risk and exposure and when issues arise, ensure minimal disruption to your life and business.

Carly can assist you with:

  • advice on property tenancy including joint tenants and tenants in common;
  • advice on building contracts, owner builder issues and the Building Act 1995;
  • legal requirements for subdivisions, consolidations and property developments;
  • advice in regard to neighbourhood disputes including dividing fence disputes;
  • advice regarding the set up of Owners Corporations;
  • advice and legal requirements for easements and surrender of easements;
  • advice on and preparation of, restrictive covenants and restrictions;
  • Section 173 Agreements and other agreements with authorities;
  • caveats and priority notices;
  • adverse possession claims;
  • lost title applications;
  • compulsory acquisitions, and
  • building envelopes and other building controls.

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A lease, whether a commercial lease or residential tenancy is a legally binding contract between the owner of the property and the person that occupies the property. There are a range of issues associated with managing the property asset and the legal agreements that underpin the revenue stream generated from the property asset.

Carly Burke has broad experience in advising on leasing, licensing and associated asset management issues from both a landlord and a tenant perspective. Her work ranges from agreements for lease, leases of existing buildings and/or dwellings, sub-leases, variations of lease, licences, surrender of leases and assignments of lease. Carly’s experience and expertise includes:

  • preparing agreements for lease, leases, sub-leases, variations of leases, licences, surrender of leases, disclosure statements, assignments of leases and other ancillary documents for all types of property including residential, retail, commercial, office and industrial premises;
  • providing legal advice about the application of the retail tenancy and residential tenancy legislation in Victoria;
  • providing legal advice on the general rights and obligations of the parties under residential and retail leases and on any disputes which may arise;
  • preparing and serving notices of default and where necessary, liaising with our litigation team to recover any debt owed under the lease, and
  • providing legal advice in relation to terminating a lease following a party’s default.

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